Damac Hajar 2 Stone Villas

Solid Returns !

Premium 3 Bedroom Stone Villas from AED 1.1 Million
Payable over 5 years

Damac launches Hajar 2 Villas, after a huge success of initial stone villas project named Hajar villas, after geting regular demand of stone villas Damac decided to launch Hajar 2 with choices of 3 & 4 Bedroom spacious villas.

Hajar 2 Villa moves a feeling of wistfulness – an insightful gesture to the past where homes were made with affection and careful consideration paid to every detail. Naturally hotter in winter and cooler in summer, they are practical, vitality proficient and eventually kinder to their condition also.

Hajar villas 2 have easy access to the numerous pleasantries offers at AKOYA Oxygen. With nature-roused facilities, gourmet passage, retail boutiques, its own rainforest, an international golf club, and lots more, Akoya Oxygen is an invigorating getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Features of Damac Hajar 2

  • Spacious 3 and 4 bedroom villas.
  • Private front and back yards.
  • Separate living/dining area and kitchen.
  • Access to the world-class amenities of AKOYA Oxygen.

Secluded yards ensure your privacy is respected.
Separate living space offer freedom and mobility.
Your investment is truly your own.